Hue to Lao Bao by private car

Lao Bao Border Gate is the boundary of and Laos. It is far from Hue about 190 kilometres and takes 4.5-5 hours if go on Ho Chi Minh Trail. It must be said that the road from Hue to Lao Bao, some famous places you should not forget in DMZ. Using our Hue to Lao Bao by private car service, you will not only have a comfortable and but also have a happy trip.

by private car is one of the top things you have to do. With the aim make travelers have amazing journeys, we offer you the best and professional service.

Lao Bao is one of the most important economic border gates of Vietnam. It is known as a place has many duty-free products of Thailand. Furthermore, it sells commodity with the cheap and reasonable price. You can buy as souvenirs for your family and friends.

7 a.m, our driver picks you up at your hotel. Do you want to visit famous places in DMZ? Hue to Lao Bao private car will take you there.

Hue to Lao Bao by private car

Khe Sanh Combat Base – Hue to Lao Bao by private car

Firstly, you come is Khe Sanh Combat Base. It is a United States Marine Corps outpost in South Vietnam used during the Vietnam War. Now, Khe Sanh Combat Base is a museum where relics of the war are exhibited. Most of the former base is now overgrown by wilderness or coffee and banana plants.

  • Entrance fee: 40,000vnd ~ $ 2usd.
  • Time open & close: 07:30 – 17:30


Hue to Lao Bao by private car

Dakrong Bridge – Hue to Lao Bao by private car

Then, Hue to Lao Bao private car keeps going and transfers to Dak Rong Bridge. Standing here, you can enjoy imposing views. The mountain and river combine with each other make a beautiful scenery. If you keep going into this area, you can meet and have a great time with Bru-Van Kieu or Pako ethnic village. You can suggest our driver for visiting.

Hue to Lao Bao by private car

Quang Tri Citadel – Hue to Lao Bao by private taxi

After that, private car drives to Quang Tri Ancient Citadel. It is the military bastion and the administrative headquarter of Nguyen Dynasty from 1809 to 1945.

Besides, on the way to Lao Bao, it has many special foods of Quang Tri. If you don’t want to miss to enjoy, let suggest to our private car’s driver. Stop for lunch and take a rest. Transfer to Lao Bao. Settle payment for our driver. See you next service.


  • Distance : 190 km
  • Time : 5 hours



Price (VND)
Car fleet

(3 )


(4 )



(8 )


Inclusion: A/C private car, petrol, road tolls, parking fees, wifi free, water. Moreover, we provide baby car seat for your kid with free of cost. So please let us know if you need it for your trip.
Exclusion: Entrance fees, meals, English speaking guide, insurance, personal expenses, tip gratuities.

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